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About Me
my name is Stellan Joerdens and I recently finished my Demo Reel in Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing and Shading.
Because I was fascinated by the visual effects from big blockbuster films and series, I started growing the wish to do such things on my own.
In 2016, after High School graduation, I startet my Visual Effects education at a Visual Effects school in Cologne, Germany (Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy). There I graduated in march 2018, ending with an A-Level Diploma.
Because I always was interested in creatures, and this special aspect wasn’t part of the schedule of Pixl Visn, I continued my education at home doing intensive self-studies by watching tutorials and joining online courses to obtain skills in highly detailed, realistic organic and hard surface modelling and texturing.
Finally I finished the work on my Demo Reel (in Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing and Shading) at the end of autumn 2018.
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